Homeless Animals Benefit from Partnership with Scarlet Oak Farms

For those of you who follow Simple & Sentimental on social media, you’ve probably seen our resident mascot Dunkin. Taylor adopted Dunkin, a terrier mix, in April 2017. She and her husband Nick recently adopted Paisley, a lab/retriever mix as well. They spend a lot of time around the office, mostly being cute! Here they are (Dunkin is on the left and Paisley is on the right):

With a heart for rescue dogs, it makes sense that Simple & Sentimental began a partnership with Scarlet Oak Farms. We recently released two t-shirts featuring this nonprofit, and 15% of the proceeds go back to Scarlet Oak Farms and their efforts to save homeless animals.



Scarlet Oak Farms was started by ECU grads and married couple Corey and Jordan Pulido. Corey and Jordan were high school sweethearts! Their daughter Graylen is seven months old. A lifelong animal lover, Jordan is the Executive Director and takes care of the organization’s day-to-day operations. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from ECU and more than 10 years of retail management experience.

Corey serves at Scarlet Oak Farms as the financial and strategic advisor. He oversees fundraising, animal advocacy, and more. He also is a full-time teaching instructor with ECU’s Miller School of Entrepreneurship.


We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Corey Pulido to interview him about Scarlet Oak Farms. Read on to learn more about this organization and how you can support them!

S&S: What are 3 fun facts about you?

Corey: I married my high school sweetheart, recently became a dad to Graylen, and was a military brat. I also lived in Japan for 6 years.

S&S: How did Scarlet Oak Farms begin?

Corey: It’s been in the works for a long time. We have always wanted a farm. The first business plan we did in 2009 was for an animal sanctuary. We looked for land in 2009 and couldn’t find any, so the project went on the back burner. When we went house shopping 8 years ago, all of the banks turned us down. Four years later, we moved into a home with 10 acres, and that’s when it really started.

S&S: How did you and Jordan come up with the name?

Corey: Scarlet Oak Farms was named in part for our dog Scarlet. We adopted Scarlet from the shelter in 2006 – she’s now 13. She was our first rescue! Scarlet was supposed to be a beagle, but she’s 65 pounds and a large dog. Scarlet has lymphosarcoma (cancer), which we found out in August 2017. We named the rescue after her so she would live on forever. Also, the Scarlet Oak is a native tree to NC.

S&S: What’s it like working alongside your wife?

Corey: I like it; it feels like second nature. It’s a dream come true. I know Jordan better than she knows herself. She doesn’t surprise me with her decisions or her reactions, and because of that working with her is easy.

S&S: Tell us about some of the dogs currently at Scarlet Oak Farms.

Corey: We like to think that the dogs found us! Two of the dogs are hunting dogs. Marla found us on Thanksgiving Day. She ran into the back glass during dinner, and we have had her ever since. She has no understanding of personal space! Charlie was running down the street – I drove down and followed her. She’s lovable but wants personal space and is very timid. She is finally coming out of her shell after a year!

S&S: Do you have any upcoming exciting projects or collaborations?

Corey: We are in the process of raising money to build a barn. There’s an old building in Kinston that we want to bring to our property. Right now all the dogs live in the house, and a barn would allow us to get more dogs. Someone is already willing to donate a fence, and the building is the next big thing!

S&S: Tell us about the shirt you partnered with us to create.

Corey: We are trying to figure out what potential donors are interested, as well as people who care about the cause. Shirts are good for branding, good for donors, and good for people who want to represent Scarlet Oak Farms. There’s also always that one dog that you can’t replace. Ours is Scarlet. One of the shirt designs says, “You can’t buy love but you can rescue it”. We are trying to make her legacy live on!

S&S: Where can people find you?

Corey: A physical location is coming soon, but you can find us on @scarletoakfarms on Instagram and Facebook. Our website is https://www.scarletoakfarms.org/our-animals

S&S: How can people support Scarlet Oak Farms?

Corey: Financially, there are opportunities for month-to-month partnership on Patreon. We are also on VenmoGoFundMe, have a PayPal Giving Fund, Amazon Smile, and have an Amazon Wishlist. Any way you can think of donating, we’re on there. Otherwise, we accept food and pet supplies as well. We have cats, goats, dogs, and chickens!

You can also contact us on our website or social media for volunteer opportunities, and ECU students can find us on OrgSync.


Want to purchase a shirt? This is one of the two designs we’ve created in collaboration with Corey and Jordan. 15% of proceeds go back to Scarlet Oak Farms!

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